Over this winter we will be closing off our South Car Park – why have we done this?

1431746668940-184325Over winter our visitor numbers significantly drop and so there is no need for a second car park. The north car park will continue to be open, and we will still open up the south at peak times, for example on Saturday mornings when we welcome Park Run to Fell Foot. There will be a sign in the North car park advising on whether the South is open or closed, meaning you don’t need to drive down to find out.

 Most weekends over winter we will also have a member of staff working at our visitor welcome in the north car park. We aim to better welcome and engage with our visitors and supporters, tourists and locals, with a consistent familiar face to welcome you on each visit to Fell Foot.

 If you’re part of an outdoor user group which uses Fell Foot for kayaking, canoeing, swimming, etc. or need accessibility advice then please give us a call on 01539531273 or email fellfoot@nationaltrust.org.uk before your visit. We can arrange for access to the south car park for pre-booked groups and advise on accessibility.



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