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June 2016 – Fell Foot Community News

We launched a new staff structure at Fell Foot earlier this year, and hopefully you are starting to see some of the benefits of having a newly dedicated gardens team. They have been doing lots of garden restoration work in the grounds with the support of our volunteers.



You may have noticed that some preparatory works have started on site for the future watersports facilities. We have created a temporary boat park in the north field to house the boats whilst works are ongoing. This has also involved creating an access track into the north field, which will eventually be the carpark serving the new watersports facilities.


We had a really busy half term and bank holiday and we have been working with the local police to try to manage the parking situation out on the main road. They did issue cones on the most dangerous sections at the start of the week, however we are aware that by the end of the week many of them had been moved. Police did come out to ticket cars on the last weekend. We have discussed with the Police about them putting up some official signage on the worst sections of road outside Fell Foot, so hopefully these will be in place by the summer holidays.


Ranger staff, National Trust volunteers and Parkrunners worked really hard together at the start of May to sort out the ongoing drainage problem at the access gate to the south meadow. They have done a fantastic job to make a quagmire into something far more accessible – we just need to see if it stands up to the amount of rain we had last winter now!



As part of National Volunteer Week, childen from Leven Valley Primary School came to volunteer at Fell Foot for the day. They helped us with all sorts of things, from practical gardening and litter picking, to surveying the wildflower meadow and trialling a Junior Parkrun. It was a really hot a day and they did so well. A big thank you from all the team at Fell Foot!

leven valley volunteering


Whilst we are fundraising for new equipment for our very popular adventure playground, the team have also been building a natural wildplay area. We have had some great feedback so far – why don’t you come and have a go to test your balancing skills….


What’s coming up this Summer?

If you are up for a bit of an adventure, join us over the weekends in the summer holidays for wild camping at Fell Foot on the shores of Windermere. This is a rare opportunity to pitch your tent in a beautiful spot. We have our evening bat walks starting at 8.30pm on the Thursday 18th and 25th August (£5 pp). We also have the annual ‘All England Stone Skimming Championships on Saturday 20th August (visit for entry details). Spaces are limited on all events so we suggest you book early to avoid disappointment – 01539531273 or

view from the boat


If you require any more information or want to find out about other ways you can get involved at Fell Foot then please do give me a shout. We look forward to seeing you at Fell Foot over the summer,


Best wishes,


Kelley Sproston-Heath, Volunteering & Community Involvement Officer –