Fell Foot Park in Winter

Winter is definitely arriving at the park, with colder temperatures, fewer leaves on the trees and a quieter car park!  The cafe is now closed until Valentine’s Day, though the all important minty van will be serving teas and coffees between 8am – 2pm every Saturday (you don’t have to be a Parkrunner to get a cuppa!).


Although the leaves have gone, the park’s collection of trees still look beautiful, forming the seasonal texture, structure and colour at Fell Foot, and many of the dramatic views of the surrounding Lakeland scenery are even more accessible!


The autumn/winter season at Fell Foot is a time when the rangers perform hundreds of maintenance jobs throughout the park, including care of trees and hedges, collecting up piles and piles of leaves, and fixing walls, fences, boats and buildings. They have brought the rowing boats in off the water, checked them over and put them into storage for winter.

With fewer visitors and noise, it feels as though nature is more noticeable around the park now. The robins have been very vocal this autumn, and their song is delighting visitors and staff – come down to hear them yourself.  If you visit on any Tuesday then you will see conservation in action, when our rangers and volunteers work together on a collection of conservation projects in the park.  Maybe you would like to get involved..? Drop us a line!