Talk to the Experts – Trees and Traffic at Fell Foot Park

What is happening?
As part of the redevelopment, we have commissioned many surveys at Fell Foot Park, and would like to invite you to share in some of the survey results. As part of this we have organised two events:

21st October 2014 6pm-7pm: Tree Walk with Luke Steer, Chartered Aboriculturalist
Luke is an arboricultural Consultant at Treescapes Conultancy Ltd, based in Ambleside. He was educated at the Royal Forestry Society and is a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional. Luke has been working at Fell Foot Park to record what trees are present at the park, and their condition, and has some interesting information to share on our rare and ancient trees. We will meet at the boathouse café at 6pm, before taking a guided walk with Luke and our volunteer manager, Fi. They will chat through our plans to protect these trees, and our plans to improve the views throughout the park and reinstate its historic character, plus some opportunities to get involved.

4th November 2014 6pm-7pm: Traffic Management Q&A
Hosted by the Fell Foot Park team, with a presentation by Keith York (Traffic Management consultant), this is an opportunity to hear more about our work on traffic management at Fell Foot. We will explain the thinking behind the plans, including the advice we have received from other organisations. There will be a short, informal presentation followed by an opportunity for questions.


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