Archaeological Survey

We have had an archaeological survey done at Fell Foot, to make sure that we continue to conserve the site’s archaeological heritage.  We used diggers to confirm the location of the old house foundations beneath the round lawn, which produced some rather dramatic photos (below)!  The lawn was all re-instated in time for Easter, but if you visit soon you might still be able to see where the grass is settling back over the trenches.


In the photo below you can see the view of the old house on the round lawn from the lake. IMG_2034


Fell Foot from the archive!

To help us look after the heritage of the park, we have been finding out about Fell Foot history.  The interesting information we’ve discovered so far is getting the project team excited about telling the story of Fell Foot in the project plans.

We are delighted to have a volunteer who will be helping us collect more stories and photographs from Fell Foot’s past. Please get in touch via if you have anything you can share with us!

Here are some of the lovely photographs we have found so far (though we don’t always have much information to go with the photographs!):

Fell Foot boating

Fell Foot boating

Fell Foot boating

“The Foam”, “The Curlew”, “Brenda” and “Mabel”.

Fell Foot boating

Fell Foot steam boat

Fell Foot boating

Steamer and rowing boats at Fell Foot

There are also some pictures of the old house which used to sit on the round lawn, plus photos of the characters who lived there! The house was demolished early last century (before the land was donated to the Trust). We will publish those photos in the next blog!